The Lucas Family is an animated television show that will air on the FOX television network. The show was created by Connor Laulo.

Cast Edit

The main cast and their main parts are as follows:

  • Connor Laulo: Pedro Lucas, Poof Lucas and additional voices
  • Mayo Laulo: Charlie Lucas and additional voices
  • Sarina Lindsey: Chloe Lucas
  • Ailsa Ortiz: Stella Lucas
  • Fredrick Ochoa: Pepe Lucas
  • Jessie Callahan: Mary Lucas
  • Alex Ethington: Ethington Lucas
  • Evan Hershberger: Jim Lucas
  • Addison Gordon: Sarah Lucas

The main cast do voices for several recurring characters other than those listed, as well as impersonate celebrities and pop-culture icons.

Current Recurring cast members include: Mark Cervantez as Melvin; George Ramos as Caleb Sanchez; Jesus Lopez as Jorge Sanchez; Tyler LePart as Taylor; Jessica Johnson as Ruben Lucas.