Sparky Oakwen
Mayo Laulo

Full Name

Sparkson James Oakwen



Voiced by

Mayo Laulo


Sparky appears in every episode

Sparky James Oakwen is the only son and second child of Billy and Sally Oakwen. He lives with his family in Montañeses, Arizona. He has an older sister, Matt Oakwen. Sparky is portrayed by co-creator Mayo Laulo.


Sparky is a young boy. He thinks he has a great sense of humor. He also has a thrill for adventure. He loves to play with his friends and dog, Moncoon. He loves both his parents and often tells them to stop fighting. He is considered annoying by many people, including his father because of his high voice.


Sparky's best friends are his dog Moncoon, brother Jordan, and cousin Sporky Oakwen.


  • Sparky originally was supposed to be a rabid baby.
  • Sparky goes to Loving Arms Daycare, where his uncle is the instrucor.
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