Jedidiah Oakwen
Jedidiah Oakwen

Full Name

Jedidiah Oakwen



Voiced by

Michael Baker


Jedidiah appears in various episodes

Jedidiah Oakwen is the brother of Billy Oakwen. He is currently living in Montañeses, Arizona with his wife Suzanne Oakwen. They have one child, Sporky Oakwen. Jedidiah is portrayed by Michael Baker.

Personality Edit

Jedidiah and Billy share the same personality traits, meaning he is also lazy, rude, a thief, a megalomaniac, narcissistic, a liar, alcoholic, stupid, egotistical, selfish coward who will do anything to get what he wants, that is unless it involves manual labor. He is skinny wears brown shorts, a plaid short sleeve button up, a brown cowboy hat, and no shoes.

Friends Edit

Jedidiah's best friends are Harry Gaylord, Billy Oakwen, and Tickle Pickle. They enjoy hanging out in the alley way, drinking and chewing the fat. The four men do many things together.

Notes Edit

  • Jedidiah is older than Billy by two minutes
  • According to Billy, all the men in his family are burglars, meaning Jedidiah must be a burglar.

Employment History Edit

Jedidiah has no job.

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