Baitin Switch
Baitin Switch

Full Name

Baitin Switch



Voiced by

Mayo Laulo


Baitin appears in some episode

Baitin Switch is a salesman extraordinaire. He is from Tabletop, Arizona. He is very annoying. He first appears in the episode May I Interest You In..?. He is voiced by co-creator Mayo Laulo.

Employment History Edit

Baitin is a salesman extraordinaire.


  • Baitin's name is a reference to the bait and switch sales tactic.

Billy OakwenEdit

In a running gag, storylines are interrupted by unexpected fights between Billy and a fat salesman. These battles feature long strings of action film-style sequences, with explosions, high-speed chases, and excessive collateral damage to both property and innocent bystanders, ending with Billy the victor leaving the fat salesman knocked out.

In "May I Interest You In..?", the feud starts when the salesman keeps pestering Billy to buy his products. He also appears in various later episodes.

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